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Your Guide to getting the most accurate test results

Placement Test Guide
Speaking Test Guide


Log in to your Learner Dashboard

If you are logging in for the first time, you will be asked to reset your password. 

Complete the Configuration Check

Some questions contain audio elements -- be sure your headphones or speakers are set up appropriately.

Begin the Test

There is a 60 minute time limit to complete the test, and it must be completed in one sitting.

Test cannot be completed on tablet or mobile device

3 Steps to Complete the Placement Test

Important Advice for the Test

Do Not Use a Dictionary or Translator

Rely solely on your own knowledge for the test. If your browser is set to automatically translate pages, please disable the tool for your coursework.

Do Not Guess

If you do not know the answer, select the option to indicate "I don't know".

Remember, the goal is to assess your proficiency, not to get a high score!

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