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What is a Dynamizer?

Dynamizers are our secret to your learning success.

Kind of like a personal trainer - but for your language mind! - your Dynamizer sticks with you throughout your learning journey, offering extra motivation, tips for success and a single point of contact for questions or areas of frustration. 

Contact your Dynamizer if you...

  • are experiencing technical difficulties

  • have questions about your learning program

  • need assistance accessing your program resources

  • need help checking your progress or access your completion certificate

  • don't understand something about your coursework

Your Dynamizer is always happy to help you!


Marysol Douton

Alejandro Medel

Andrea Morales

Marta Reyes

Eva Rodriguez

Deyaneira Amador

Nayury Soto

Carolina Ospina

Victor Rojas

Vanessa Cabrera

Kamohelo Moloi

Nozizwe Nuku

Sonia Vazquez

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